suggestions for soliciting charter bus services

Before soliciting charter bus services with any charter bus company, read through this list of tips and suggestions to ensure your safety and protection.

  • Look up the company's USDOT safety rating on the internet (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration). Daniel's Charters strives to maintain the best USDOT safety rating. Never charter from a company with an unsatisfactory rating.
  • Ask the charter company for a list of references. Never use a company who refuses to provide you with a list of references.
  • Personally inspect the company's office, garage, and equipment. You can tell a lot about a company just by looking!
  • How old is the equipment? The newer the equipment, generally means fewer problems.
  • Be a smart shopper! Make sure careful consideration of these consumer tips is balanced against cost. You get what you pay for!
  • Ask if the company follows DOT driver regulations. A driver may not drive more than ten hours per day. If your itinerary calls for more than ten hours of driving, ask how the company will handle this excess driving time. Click here to read Federal Guidelines
  • Ask if the company has insurance on each coach, and how much.
  • Ask if the company does random drug testing.

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